60% of Kenyan women don't have access to period protection. This is particularly alarming in areas where many girls are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. So I started a project at Destiny school in Mathare, near Nairobi, with the objective to set up a waps production by and for the girls there. To get an insight in their reality and understand the context of the project, here's a video from May 2014. A big thanks to Christina Wilson who enabled this project and who produced the movie!



8 months after starting the cooperation with Destiny school in the Mathare slum outside Nairobi, Kenya, it turns out the waps are a powerful lever for girls' education. With the waps, the girls can go to school like the boys, every day of the month! Watch the video here:



Some pictures from project kick-off...


Beauty-waps go even further! Since Joseph, Vivian M. and Vivian A. passed their junior high exams with top marks, it was judged necessary to support the association Forever Friends with their fundraising to send them to senior high school. Read the whole story here.


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