Q: What are the waps made of?

A: Soft cotton on body-side. Waterproof fleece on underwear-side.


Q: I'm afraid I will feel the wap while wearing it. Is it really comfortable?

A: Years of product development has resultet in a clever design which makes the waps really thin. So most users agree they are not bothered by them: they're thin, very soft and the press buttons are never in contact with your skin. Several users even wear them during sports!


Q: Don't they leak?

A: No. Waps come in different sizes and absorption capacities. Simply choose the appropriate size for your flow on that particular day. Mini for spotting, medium for medium flow, large for heavy flow and super for the night or extreme days.


Q: What about the smell?

A: Disposable pads smell because they're made of plastic. Waps are mainly made of cotton and so they don't smell, even when they're full. And while waiting to wash them, if you fold it into a closed envelope, there is no risk for smelling.


Q: Do I need to soak them before washing?

A: No, but many users prefer to. It depends on the quality of your washing machine and your personal preferences.


Q: Do I need to sterilise them?

A: No, no more than you sterilise your underwear. Simply wash the waps like your underwear, with the rest of your laundry.


Q: Do they get stained?

A: Usually not. The blood is removerd really well from the waps in the laundry. However, some stains might remain, so if that would make you uncomfortable, it can be nice to go for a darker colour.

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