The crowdfunging campaign is a success!


The project "BeautyWaps for Girls' Education" collected 109% of its target, i.e. 10 860€. Now we're kicking off the project to set-up a local BeautyWaps production in Kenya and design the first all Kenya made collection, so that more Kenyan girls can go to school every day of the month.


Check out the campaign page if you want to know more.

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to the following donors for supporting BeautyWaps for Girls' Education

Martin Hedberg

Marie Dahlberg

François Ronssin

Michel PhamHuuTri

Eric Bizouard

Kaja Kempf

Jean Augier

Didier Carré

Karin Hedlund

Antoine Fressancourt

Elo L-p

Ina Lindgren

Annabelle Borghini

Flo Tubadloeil

Marie-Hélène Farrelly

Crispin Dickson

Ariane Thomas

Christophe Hurbin

Anne Pacros

Michael Coja

Catherine Vogein

Clarisse Reille

Julie Drapier

Vini Tiet

Adriana Soldati

Xavier Durand

Jacques Roger-Machart

Patricia Delon

Alexandre Cordovil Araujo

Sophie Boyer Chammard

Frédéric Peugny

Astrid Forget

Catherine Debeaumarché

Chris Lacor

Aranzazu Querol Mondorte

Yann Gozlan

Helen Kaestle

Guy Delcroix

Isabella Cattelan

Sandra Besson-Jaffeux

Pascale Thorre

Laurette Cot

Sacha Soumm

Kristina Vayda

Jawaher Allala

Agnès Warnier

Franck Vogel

Nathalie Mourrain

Pavel Merman

Marie Cécile Goldblum

Samira Ait El Asri

Marie Ange Pozzi

Marko K

Christelle Van Hecke

Teresa Riesgo

Laetitia de Tassigny

Coline Vaillant

Milène Ilic

Chloe Pott

Jessica Beijar

Alice Pillet

Janice Byrne

Victor Aichagui

Margotte Martin Derouet

Sophie Hadeln

Lauriane Ackermann

Valentine Delon

Esperanza de Aramburu

Catherine Boyen

Danièle Valadier

Laurent Yatsa

Anne-Sophie Perrin

Lisa Brouwers

Caroline Gallix

Clémentine Trottier

Elsa Moutard

Frida M

Isa Dervieux

Petter Skoglund

Fusberta Boucher

Coralie Camarassa Ferreira

Shinnosuke Obi

Safia Haouat

Claire Keovoravong

Emilie Dessens

Stéphanie Escoffier

Virginie Villette

Taia Mu-Do

Martin Déziel

Henri J. Maurer

Toshiyuki Nakamura


And also, my sincere gratitude to all donors who want to remain anonymous!


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